Ask most leadership teams and Boards, there is a lot that they agree on when it comes to effective Corporate Governance – but there are also some elements which they may not agree on entirely. In these situations, it’s prudent to revert back to the organisation that sets the Corporate Governance Code for organisations, the Financial Reporting Council.

“The FRC is responsible for promoting high quality corporate governance and reporting to foster investment. We set the UK Corporate Governance and Stewardship Codes as well as UK standards for accounting, auditing and actuarial work. We represent UK interests in international standard-setting. We also monitor and take action to promote the quality of corporate reporting and auditing. We operate independent disciplinary arrangements for accountants and actuaries; and oversee the regulatory activities of the accountancy and actuarial professional bodies.”

Here is a summary of their Corporate Governance Code for the UK, as reviewed by the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors.

  • Every company should be headed by an effective board which is collectively responsible for the long-term success of the company.
  • There should be a clear division of responsibilities at the head of the company between the running of the board and the executive responsibility for the running of the company’s business. No one individual should have unfettered powers of decision.
  • The chairman is responsible for leadership of the board and ensuring its effectiveness on all aspects of its role.
  • As part of their role as members of a unitary board, non-executive directors should constructively challenge and help develop proposals on strategy.
  • The board and its committees should have the appropriate balance of skills, experience, independence and knowledge of the company to enable them to discharge their respective duties and responsibilities effectively.
  • There should be a formal, rigorous and transparent procedure for the appointment of new directors to the board.
  • All directors should be able to allocate sufficient time to the company to discharge their responsibilities effectively.
  • All directors should receive induction on joining the board and should regularly update and refresh their skills and knowledge.
  • The board should be supplied in a timely manner with information in a form and of a quality appropriate to enable it to discharge its duties.
  • The board should undertake a formal and rigorous annual evaluation of its own performance and that of its committees and individual directors.
  • All directors should be submitted for re-election at regular intervals, subject to continued satisfactory performance.
  • The board should present a fair, balanced and understandable assessment of the company’s position and prospects.
  • The board is responsible for determining the nature and extent of the principal risks it is willing to take in achieving its strategic objectives. The board should maintain sound risk management and internal control systems.
  • The board should establish formal and transparent arrangements for considering how they should apply the corporate reporting, risk management and internal control principles and for maintaining an appropriate relationship with the company’s auditors.
  • Executive directors’ remuneration should be designed to promote the long-term success of the company. Performance-related elements should be transparent, stretching and rigorously applied.
  • There should be a formal and transparent procedure for developing policy on executive remuneration and for fixing the remuneration packages of individual directors. No director should be involved in deciding his or her own remuneration.
  • There should be a dialogue with shareholders based on the mutual understanding of objectives. The board as a whole has responsibility for ensuring that a satisfactory dialogue with shareholders takes place.
  • The board should use general meetings to communicate with investors and to encourage their participation.


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