6 reasons why choosing independence is best for your growing business

Despite a slight glow of a silver-lining recently where the UK’s GDP appears to have expanded by 0.6% in July-September, the best quarterly growth in almost two years, the silver is waning as economists see a storm brewing with KPMG citing that UK growth will slow to 1.3% amidst Brexit uncertainty.

Suffice to say – it’s not going to stop altogether, it’s just going to slow down. Note: It’s not going to stop. So, all the more reason why your business, and all who work in and on it, needs to be absolutely certain that the activity you do undertake, is activity that will work for you – and yield results.

And while you’re reverting back to the drawing boards, it may be a good time for us to remind you of opportunities that lie outside of your immediate core. The value of independent service providers who, much like ourselves, are from the industry (so we understand where you are) and, most importantly, are now laser-focused on helping businesses like yours, get the best out of the economy that they can.

Here’s why businesses choose independent businesses like ours, to prepare them for growth, keep them compliant, and ensure they keep growing, long after the transaction.

1. Access to Skill
Clients choose independent service providers like us because we offer adaptable specialist skills that are both tactical and strategic. This means that have a solid understanding of critical financial and business processes like the audit process, funding rounds, compliance, that allows us to work alongside you guiding you and your teams accurately. During Audit times, we can act where the auditors can’t and remove any potential conflict of interests while delivering exactly what you and your business needs. When you can’t hire the skill you need, you find it elsewhere. And in our case, you get so much more than what you’re looking for.

2. Problems solved.
Working with independent providers means that when you have a crisis, we solve your problem. We aren’t caught up within any bureaucratic red-tape or cross-functional conflict – we simply get the job done, getting what you need today. But you get one step more than just an item ticked off your list – working with an independent provider like CFPro, you get someone who ticks the box today, but with an eye steady on tomorrow – ensuring that we tick the right boxes at the right time, in line with your growth strategy. You save time because we hit the ground running immediately, without the need for exhaustive lengthy inductions.

3. Business Partnerships
Our clients use us because they are able to tap into our Hive culture – which means that they benefit from extended expertise through our collaborative network of specialist – even if they’re only working through a single point of contact. You’re not handed over to a ‘junior’, nor is your account passed around to whoever is available – we match the best member of our team with your business – to ensure a consistency in terms of our experience matching to your business needs. Because of the way we work as a team, we take a far more holistic approach towards managing your business account. Our focus is on growth – and although a single action may be required – our eyes are always on a much bigger picture that looks after the entire well-being of your business plan. We free up your management team where you need us to, so that you can focus on growing your business while we make sure that you’re equipped and on course for growth.

4. Hands-on know-how
We have the proverbial t-shirt. We’re all industry-folk which means – you benefit from people who have started and run their own businesses for many years. We’ve worked for businesses and we’ve led businesses. We’ve worked with auditing teams and we’ve led IPO projects. We understand the transactional and we excel in the strategic. And because of all of this, you don’t need to worry about understanding the foreign financial language that so often overwhelms many teams. We translate that into your action and growth prospects. We’ve worked cross-border and our multi-discipline know-how works for you, regardless of project complexity. But we don’t just do the job, and then leave. We also help your teams to become more strategic too. Struggling finance teams are helped to become more results-driven and forward-focused with the critical skills they need to continue on your growth path for the long term.

5. Forward-thinking visionaries
We’re not going to pretend like the next 3 years are going to be peachy. They will be touch. They already are, and with KPMG predicting that ‘if productivity growth remains at around 1% then, as a basic rule of thumb, we would expect wages to rise by around 3% on average, giving workers only a small real-terms rise over an inflation rate running at 2.3%’. – all the more reason why you need to be looking at where you want to be headed – and then getting all the steps in place and correct to make sure you get there. In a world of constant change, we’re your constant. We keep you compliant, consistent and enabled for growth. Working with us, you get a financial partner who is forward-thinking. We are results-driven. Yours. And because we are looking ahead we also know what your stakeholders would expect. We make sure you deliver on those expectations, and that your teams learn to see your results the way your key stakeholders expect to see them. Getting ready for funding but have an underperforming team? We help to sharpen-up your teams and your business to deliver the highest returns on the investment you will be receiving keeping your consistent to your commitments.

6. Transparency
Working with an independent service provider means that you get an unbiased approach to your business. We are not part of your business but we work alongside your business which means that we have the freedom to be completely transparent and honest with you, taking a no-nonsense approach to the way that your growth strategy might be influenced by operational under-productivity and risk. You pay for what you get, not what you don’t get, like overheads, status, rank.

Whether you’re looking at funding, or a complete change in structure through acquisition or exit, an independent advisor and service provider is removed enough to deliver what you need, and clear-headed enough to see where you need to be. We get you ready for your next phase.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help your business – get in touch.

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