Cyclehoop: How CFPro has helped them grow faster and further


Cyclehoop, the innovative cycle parking and infrastructure company, have chosen CFPro to help them grow faster and further. 

Cyclehoop are committed to making cycling safer, secure, and convenient with award-winning products designed by cyclists, for cyclists. The distinctive designs have been installed around the world helping cities become more cycle friendly, healthy and sustainable. Since 2008 Cyclehoop have worked with local authorities, schools, universities, and other organisations in the UK and internationally.

The company’s Cycle Parking Rentals Scheme, where secure cycle parking is installed and managed, are used by local authorities, including TFL. To date, Cyclehoop manage 10,000+ cycle parking spaces throughout the UK and their network of on-street cycle storage is the largest in the world.


As Cyclehoop expands and enters into their next business growth cycle, catering for the burgeoning E-Scooter and E-Bike markets alongside the original designs, CFPro will be integral to the company’s growth trajectory. CFPro already provides senior finance support assisting the Finance Manager and the Finance Department with statutory reporting alongside advising on the implementation of a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to bolster the business information technology to aid growth and development.

CFPro founder, Barbara Spurrier, has also been appointed as a Non-Executive Director and it’s a position she welcomes saying: “It’s always a lot of fun and quite exciting to be working with companies like Cyclehoop who have wonderful products and a clear roadmap for development. Where we can greatly assist at CFPro is on setting the financial infrastructure and reporting and giving the support and advice to the Finance team where they need assistance. Cyclehoop is an impressive offering and absolutely right for the time as the world embraces healthier and more sustainable modes of transport and cities look to become more cycle-friendly. Personally, I am delighted to join the board as a non-executive director and look forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead for Cyclehoop.”

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