Regardless of the role you play in a financial audit process, there comes a time where your team may require augmentation.

For auditors, you may require a team to act where you can’t, where a conflict of interest means that you are unable to complete what is expected of you. For businesses being audited, you may require someone to act on auditors instruction and queries immediately, having the knowledge and capability to act quickly.

An audit process can quickly become unstuck when:

  • A lack, or breakdown in communication, results in failure to act and resolve issues quickly
  • Excessive techno-babble leading to confusion and lost opportunities
  • Unnecessary scope creep born from redundant discussions that lead off-topic
  • Unnecessary blame and finger-pointing results in un-constructive decision-making
  • A lack of trustworthiness results in a lack of transparency

Our team has worked alongside financial audit teams for many years, supporting both auditors and clients when financial operations required agile resolutions to successful audit completion. We understand the time pressures involved, and the need to act quickly and accurately in resolving issues and bringing incomplete instructions to completion.

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