When it’s time to grow, having your best team on side is probably the safest assurance you have that will get you to where you want to be.  The traditional business ecosystem has always involved hierarchy and structure, and as we find ourselves in a much more fluid, more agile business world, your team definition has just changed.

For many businesses, having the right talent working on your business is as important as the right talent working in your business. And for many of the clients we’ve helped, that’s been exactly the case. So, if growth is what you’re after, sometimes you need to look outside for the right specialist help to get you to your next step.


The Fever-Tree Team

When Fever-Tree decided to go public, there was quite a bit of work that needed to be done. And for their IPO process, they required expertise that would detail the company’s history, and analyse 4 years of financial reports and company structure changes, in order to successfully create all the necessary documentation and reports required for an IPO process. Coupled to this, the brand, which at the time didn’t have any immediate comparisons in terms of growth and market share, had to be accurately valued, so that they could find the right offer price with which to list. They realised that they needed expert help – and they looked outside of their organisation for that. So, they came to CFPro.


The AppScatter Team

When AppScatter decided to list on AIM,  a sub-market of the London Stock Exchange, which smaller companies to float shares with a more flexible regulatory system, they too realised that they were looking for very specific skills that could help them list successfully. In their case, they required expertise to help them formulate the admission document – a document that is required in order to complete the IPO process. Knowing that our team had the expertise, and had done this for many companies before, they asked us to get involved. Working closely with their internal finance team, as well as the auditors involved in the process, we were able to ensure that our interpretation of the data and detailed understanding of the business history was accurate, and that our findings reported were in line with what the admission document required.

We’ve done similar things for Hotel Chocolat, Velocity Composites, and others. If you’re looking for expertise to help your business grow – expertise that is accurate and detailed that underpins your next growth path, then we’re your best bet.

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