Company Valuation Services focused on your growth

CFPro offers support for its clients with a Company Valuation service. This could be for the client’s current business or a possible acquisition of a target.

Whether you want to merge or value assets, we’re sure we can assist any business with its company valuation needs. We used tested methods when valuing a business.

We have been helping businesses with their company valuations for over 20 years.  Our successful track record speaks for us, and sets us up to be able to support you through your own company transition – whether it be an acquisition or merger, a business sale or reorganisation, or the involvement of new shareholders or solving challenges that may arise through share options and publicly-traded companies.

In order to put any type of exit strategy into action, having the confidence in an accurate company valuation is imperative – especially in a constantly-fluctuating market.

We work with you to assess the potential of your business – both today, and in future.

We work with your teams to review past company history and gather critical information relevant to an accurate valuation figure.

We look at the entire picture: It is highly likely that your company valuation requirements are likely to be part of a bigger project, which is why our expertise and services span across corporate finance, tax, recovery and business strategy, to support you in a wider business growth strategy.

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