Digital transformation, the changing world of work and increased regulation and standardisation means now, more than ever before, businesses (and those who lead them) are under pressure to comply.

CFPro offers a wide range of corporate governance services to businesses who are planning to grow. As the cornerstone of any strategic business planning initiative, a solid corporate governance structure enables confident growth while demonstrating accountability, mitigated risk and business confidence to key stakeholders, investors and the market at large.

Corporate governance is no longer something that is limited only to the larger, listed companies, but a critical business tool used to demonstrate strong governance structures and transparency, all in the aim of instilling business confidence in potential funders.

Some of the corporate governance services we offer, include:

  • Senior management structure support
  • Implementation of corporate restructuring exercises
  • Policy & procedure evaluation and support
  • Corporate compliance
  • Integration/due diligence assistance
  • Risk-mitigation analysis and support
  • Advice on corporate governance and best practices

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