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Graduating with an economics degree, David’s early career was with a well established UK multinational, with roles as general manager on four continents, producing and marketing industrial and consumer products.

Businesses range from fast growing in developing markets to long established ones that required substantial re-engineering and culture change.

A period with a US multinational followed, growing a small UK business into a pan European organisation, establishing operations in France, Germany, Italy and Spain with a new UK based production unit.

Hunted into General management of a FTSE listed group, David led a restructuring of companies located in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, selling some and devoting resources to others to turn around a loss making enterprise.

Since then David has devoted his energies to a range of consulting roles as well as taking on non-executive responsibilities and investing in growth opportunities. Highlights have ranged from building a Financial Services group in Spain to leading a team to dispose of assets and businesses for a public sector organisation in the UK. Most time has been spent with companies in transition, from downsizing or start-ups to accepting the need for radical change.

Geographic spread has been across continents, but with the main focus in the UK and Europe. Currents activities include international defence players, safety systems for flying taxis and new technology for the communications industry.


  • Managing independent and listed companies
  • Operating in different cultures / countries
  • Change management
  • Restructuring and reorganisation
  • Championing introduction of new business techniques
  • Sale and Purchase of businesses
  • Product range analysis and introduction of new products
  • Dispute resolution and negotiation

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“It’s as dangerous to be too early as too late. Effective training and understanding of your market means you are able to deliver a solution which your clients demand. Select your business partners carefully. Take the time to understand how they work, and their ability to work well with you, make the right decisions when required, and are focussed on growth.
All business leaders the perfect 3-legged business stool: Market Awareness, Tech Awareness & Financial Awareness. It’s not vital which one is the key amongst them, but you need all the skills. If you don’t have all the skills covered. You need to get them covered. And quickly. ”

David Staveley

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