Undertaking an IPO introduces additional demands on business resources and prevents management from sustaining their level of focus upon business strategy, especially the CFO and financial team. Because of this IPO’s are delayed or just fail due to a lack of detailed planning. We understand that a failed IPO can damage the company’s identity and put strains on management and its employees. Potential leading to great losses, as timescales for the project, are significantly tight.

Since a company is going public, it’s essential that the IPO is completed efficiently, allowing the underlying business to continue growing. This period is a difficult and time-consuming process, leading to precious time being lost. With the aid of CFPro, management can continue to focus on the business itself and have access to the most up to date IFRS technical expertise.

Our Support covers IFRS Conversion, FPPP, IPO Project Management Support, System Implementation & Upgrade, Internal Audit, Company Secretary, Corporate Governance and Working Capital Mobility.

  • IFRS Conversion – with the expertise of current accounting standards to support first time IFRS adoption and restatement of prior year accounts. This includes the evaluation of the IFRS financial control environment.
  • Pre-IPO Support – mentor and guide the Finance team and board through key milestones to meet deadlines, prepare for roadshows, right through to the completion of admission documents.
  • Corporate Governance – the team can support the board to ensure adherence to key processes and timings required by listed companies.
  • SaaS System Implementation & Upgrade – we can support you through discovery and project management phases of implementation when an upgrade of business reporting systems is required.

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