Flexible Resourcing: the answer to Full-Time Fallacies

UK worker productivity has fallen to a 2-year low, according to new statistics released by the Office of National Statistics. Further to that, shocking figures released by performance management consultancy Gallup shows that alarmingly just 15% of employees worldwide feel engaged in their work – with estimates plotting that unproductivity against a global cost of $7 trillion.

Let’s face it. We have a problem with productivity.

And yet, in light of these alarming figures, organisations still hold onto the belief that the only way to succeed or move forward, is through permanent, full-time hiring practices only. And very often, at their own cost, and to their own demise.

One of the most notable developments in the workplace has been the rise of flexible resourcing – where organisations deploy expertise and skill as a new service and on demand, as and when their clients need them. And although that concept may not altogether be new, the crossover into management accounting and the finance function is becoming far more relevant today, as organisations wake up to a new way of building efficiency into their delivery processes.

And although we do believe that both options deliver their own purpose, we look at why Flexible Resourcing is more relevant today, than it has ever been.

Hive Culture
Working with independent resources gives you unprecedented access to skill and expertise that you may not have access to, unless you employ them yourselves. But the difference in working with a flexible resource is that you get that same expertise, but at a fraction of the cost commitment. And you use them when you need them. And they deliver 100% of the time you are using them. For many organisations, although they may need the specialist expertise – they probably don’t utilise their full availability for 100% of the time. Some businesses we’ve spoken to have even gone so far to admit that some of their specialist roles don’t perform at full capacity except at certain times of the year.

Inevitably, through under-utilising critical full-time skill, the organisation feels that in an effort to ‘keep them busy’, they end up performing tasks which are either below their role specialism, or they end up employing the wrong person altogether. The end result is not only an under-productive workforce, but an dis-engaged one too. They end up hiring at the wrong level – because they’re attempting to fill a gap through a permanent hire, that could easily be solved with the specialist skill they need, at the level they need. That’s where flexible resourcing works.

Agility & Flexibility
In a world of change, a flexible resource is agile enough to move with it and constant enough to keep you grounded as a business. With a careful eye on industry-trends, a flexible resource has the time they need to remain forward-thinking and focused on delivering results – yours. Because they work with stakeholders on all levels, you, the client, learn to see results the way your stakeholders expect to see them, demonstrating a diverse set of skill, experience and leadership levels.

The beauty about working with a flexible resources is that regardless of timing and deliverables, when you have a crisis, your flexible resource should be capable enough to jump in, and get to work immediately on helping you solve and overcome that crisis. A credible 3rd party resource helps you with today, but is focussed on your tomorrow, and are ready to engage from day 1, without the unnecessary overheads of training and orientation.

Transparent Time-Savers
Working with a flexible resource who is not in your business, but works on your business, you get a credible business partner who delivers a transparent, no-nonsense approach to growth, which means that you pay for what you get – not what you don’t get, at an affordable cost that supports your business growth. Credible service providers that work closely with their clients means that they work on industries they know and have personal experience in.

Objective business partners
When a flexible resource becomes a crucial part of your growth strategy, that’s when they become a trustworthy, reliable business partner – someone who works on your business, sharing your long-term growth vision. Because they bring a purpose-driven agenda, specialist providers are not just box-tickers. They help you tick the boxes that enable your growth. And because they’re embedded into your business, you get a more holistic approach to finance and business management because they have the agility and flexibility to do the jobs that hold you back from growth.

Getting stuck in!
The beauty about credible service providers and consultants like CFPro is that we all hail from industry ourselves. We have led businesses and we understand the restraints and constraints that confront growing businesses. We are also experts in our fields and our extensive experience in working with growing businesses has enabled us to serve as the critical link between industry and growth. We, like many in our field, translate the sector-specific language so that you don’t have to and work alongside your teams to deliver cross-border, multi-discipline know-how. Flexible resources work closely with your teams, enabling them to develop critical skills to think and act strategically – simply through partnering with a business like CFPro.

And while we’re not advocating for an either-or scenario, we believe in establishing balance – employing people critical to your business, who can deliver all of the time. And when there are gaps, then we suggest you opt into a more flexible way of working. If you’d like to know more about how CFPro can help your business through a wide range of business consulting, financial management and accounting services, get in touch with us today.

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