Anyone who has been involved in mergers & acquisitions know that they can be some of the most complex transactions in the business environment.

A critical part of business development, quite often undertaking a M&A transaction correlates to a desire to enter a new market or rapidly increase market-share in an existing environment.

From pre-qualifying companies for interested parties through to scouting for a potential acquisition that holds opportunity for expansion and then providing the operational support required through to a successful transaction conclusion, CFPro has worked on all sides of the M&A spectrum.

All too often, M&A looks exciting and inviting but are fraught with risk areas which could derail the entire transaction. That’s why our M&A support services are geared towards:

  • Ensuring detailed pre-qualification analysis of the potential target
  • Background investigation on corporate entities which includes verification of business registration and account filings and a clarification of market value and stakeholder involvement
  • Analysis of key stakeholders including management teams and corporate executives, including a verification of career path and credentials.
  • Analysis of any subsidiaries as well as any potential legal issues that may arise during the transaction period.

Whether it’s your first deal, or your 10th, work with a trusted business partner to minimise any breakdown in communication risking a negative outcome of the transaction.

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