A Management Buy Out (MBO) is a particularly enticing avenue for business owners who are looking for long-term growth and exit strategies, but it is just as enticing for existing management teams with the prospect of becoming company owners, as opposed to company employees.

Regardless of the side of fence you find yourself on, undergoing an MBO can be somewhat complex and should never be something undertaken without the right, experience support to help highlight any potential risk areas that would undermine the process.

This intricate transaction explores your business readiness and requires critical validation and upfront analysis on the following:

  • A fair and accurate valuation of your organisation, and it’s track record of profitability.
  • Your organisation’s future prospects and delivery expectations
  • An analysis of your working capital reserves and your business’s ability to maintain or grow during the transition period and beyond
  • Your leadership team’s readiness in terms of capability and commitment to take over

CFPro provides strong and impartial advice and support throughout what can often become a sensitive process. Our significant experience places us at the heart of your team and ensures that as smooth a transition as possible.

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