In an increasingly volatile sector, businesses who are looking to grow and expand need to be fine-tuned towards maintaining capital discipline and focus on improving productivity, maximising efficiency and applying new technology to underpin their long-term business growth.

CFPro has helped businesses in the Oil & Gas industry to maximise their revenue streams and to remain competitive and relevant, while building a company culture that is focused on delivering products and services that compliment and comply to strict environmental responsibilities and effective turnaround.

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Staying relevant and forward-focused on ever-changing customer expectations in today’s Retail sector is what stands between a high-growth retail organisation, and long-term growth. Finding ways to maintain customer loyalty while effectively managing an internal company culture that is agile enough to adapt, connected enough to stay present and brave enough to disrupt is critical in a sector that constantly changes.

We work with you to keep you connected and focused on growth. We’re agile enough to move with you and we augment and enable your teams to function as you expect them to, by providing the critical business support that gets you to where you want to be.

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Identifying and balancing risks while remaining agile enough to take them is fundamental to growth in the Tech world. Working with a series of unknowns, as a high-growth business, you want to know that you have the freedom to create, and the assurance that you have a team that is driven to deliver, innovate and run alongside you.

We bring a holistic approach to business management. Having worked in the Tech world for over 15 years, we understand the need to free up your teams to do what they do well, and give you the room to focus on growth, while we work alongside you to ensure that your business is poised for growth.

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In a sector where innovation is driven through data, building a high-growth business requires adept entrepreneurs recognise the need to identify operational inefficiencies to build a long-term successes.

Staying connected to your sector and focused on tomorrow is critical to keeping up with the exceptional development pace of industry in which you find yourself.

We provide a transparent, no-nonsense, clear approach to growth to Healthcare and Pharmaceutical businesses, through support that works with your team and frees them up to focus on business critical activities.  Through our own experience of working within the Healthcare sectors, we are able to hit the ground running when you need us, without the exhaustive need for lengthy inductions and analysis, saving you time and putting your growth, first.

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Getting to grips with customer behaviour is quickly becoming the number 1 challenge in the Marketing & Communications sector today. A decline in brand loyalty where customers are now led by choice, experience and price spells new challenges for businesses who are unable to deliver all three. Your business is driven by understanding and interpreting new data sets, and keeping connected digitally in a world where on-demand is no longer news.

Our team has helped Marketing, Media and Communication-based organisations navigate digital disruption, and we have experienced the true benefits of a connected, networked organisation. We enable teams to develop critical skills that allow them to think and act strategically in a sector that is evolving almost daily by working on sectors we know and have experience in, ourselves.

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The foundations of CFPro lie rooted in the Food Production and Agricultural sectors. Suffice to say we understand what it takes to grow a business and truly see long-term results.

In sectors which are both driven to increase yield and establish customer loyalty, while keeping a critical eye on cost management and long-term success planning, effectively embracing new technologies that underpin business strategy is critical to being adaptable to customer demand and industry fluctuations.

We’ve worked with businesses who have grown from initial scaleups to listed public organisations, some of which have become global leaders in their field. We understand what it takes to work collaboratively with internal teams as well as other service providers who are focused on business growth.

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After years of sluggish growth, a desire to thrive is quickly becoming the norm in the Manufacturing and Engineering sectors. However, businesses in these industries continue to face labour shortages, struggles to integrate new technology into their continuous improvement strategies, risks to cybersecurity and competition on a global scale that drives down costs and limits accessibility.

CFPro becomes your financial partner and business support who is forward-thinking and keeps you focused and ready for growth – freeing up your teams to drive innovation initiatives that enable you to offer new accessibility to your customer-base, validate and qualify leads and move beyond a traditional hindrances towards a more connected, technologically-able enterprise.

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In an entire industry that is driven by customer delight, businesses who are looking to grow are under increased pressure to over-deliver and innovate, while remaining authentic and consistently good. Changing customer demands expects a more integrated, connected experience that gives them the freedom of choice and an increased sense of wellbeing.

We help organisations who are looking to do better, be better, deliver better by ensuring their growth strategies are thought-through, structured and geared for growth. We enable struggling finance teams to identify risks and operational inefficiencies that hold them back from maximising profit and long-term revenue success.

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The Financial Services sector is fraught with digital risk; from cybercrime to risks associated with Big Data usage, regulatory compliance is the underbelly that drives an ever-evolving industry, forward. Digital-disruption brings new ways of delivering customer results and organisations who are not adapting quickly-enough are struggling to keep up.

We have been working in the Financial Services world for over 15 years. Adapting to changing trends and integrating a digital-focus has been critical to ensuring a forward-focus on growth. Our top tier accounting specialists partner with clients – regardless of service or setup, and our agility, experience and skill means that we are able to deliver what you need, when you need it.

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Criminality is becoming smarter, and businesses who are focused on combating crime, whether digital or otherwise, are under pressure to be one step ahead.  Cybercrime news is no longer surprising and breaches in data governance an almost-weekly occurrence.  Businesses who are aiming to provide safety and digital security are being driven by the need to innovate, the need to forecast and the need to identify loopholes. Access to in-house skill is limited and access to funding in a saturated environment is creating additional pressure on leadership teams.

We work with you to identify the growth you need. We provide access to funds that enable your long-term growth, and we work with you to ensure your teams are focused on regulatory compliance, and operational inefficiencies. Businesses that work with us benefit from cross-border, multi-discipline know-how, regardless of project complexity and your teams become engaged, focused teams that deliver growth.

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Rising fuel costs, effective supply chain management, improved customer service and continuous business process improvement are just a few of the major challenges facing the logistics & distribution industry today. Businesses are being expected to do more with less, where turnaround times are being tightened and customer demands amplified.  Inflationary demands means that companies are looking for ways to access and analysis critical data and work more efficiently. Company cultures require agility and innovation with critical skills to think and act strategically.

CFPro enables teams to identify opportunities to work smarter and faster through helping them to be compliant, consistent and focused on growth. We free up management teams so that they have the capacity they need to grow the business. We support struggling finance teams with specialist skill and enable them to become results-driven.

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New breakthroughs in drug development are leading to ground-breaking results that could change lives. The pressure is on to deliver quicker, faster. Access to new data and the ability to interpret and analyse that data is determining the leaders in the race to succeed.  However, rising costs and increasing complexities involved in bringing products to market, organisations are being forced to re-examine their business operations and rate of technology adoption.

We provide unprecedented access to specialist skill that is both tactical and strategic. Working in partnership with businesses means that you learn to see results the way your key stakeholders expect to see them. We provide a gateway to funding for long-term growth, and we provide the tools you need to get there.

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