About Sassy

The CFPro office would not be the same without our Chief Welcoming Officer, Sassy.

She sports the waggiest tail, and usually greets any visitor with a toy clenched between her teeth and an entire body wiggle as she welcomes you through the door.

She is partial to a good belly rub, and although can’t reach the kettle to make a cup of tea for you, is on-hand for any counsel you may need.

And when she’s not on welcome-duty, enjoys snuggling up in a warm sunny corner of the office until her mid-morning walk on Richmond Green.


  • antler-chewing
  • tail-wagging
  • mindful stretching
  • ball-hauling

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Over the last 12 months, CFPro's energy and commitment has had a huge impact on the financial and strategic future of Qonnectis.  They have been instrumental in securing critical funds and in managing the process of securing a suitable partner for leveraging our innovative smart metering and leak detection products in the global market.

Chairman, Qonnectis
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