Scaling and Investment Trends in 2023

CFPro, NOTWICS and the Cambridge Network held our first event of the year “Scaling and Investment Trends in 2023 ” on the 9th February 2023 at St Johns Innovation Centre, in Cambridge.The event featured a panel of leading luminaries who added their perspectives on how to navigate the challenges and opportunities this year.On the panel:

🎯 The Tech Hero: Dr Andy RichardsAndy successfully exited his business Chiroscience via £700m merger. He now sits on the board of many leading Cambridge Scalups and has some great war stories on scaling to tell.🎯 The VC: Rowan Grobler of Gresham HouseRowan is a punchy South African who has become one of the biggest players in UK VC in 2021. Following Mobeus VCT’s merger into Gresham House, he’s become a powerhouse investing in Series A B2B focused Scaleups.🎯 The Professional Adviser: Sue Scammell of CFProSue is a qualified chartered accountant, having held leading positions in a variety of companies, from large US multinationals to fast growing Prop-Tech scaleups, which she guided through fundraises to an eventual exit. She has vast experience in supporting fellow C-Suite management to align goals and maximise company growth.

🎯 Panel Host: Chris Lowe of NotwicsThe founder of Notwics IR consultancy / ex Bloomberg / ex City. A mish mash of broking, sales and journalism. Another hardened Tech warrior having battled (worked) through the “Bubble Bursting” in 1999, the Financial Crisis of 2007, to founding two start-ups himself.

View the recording of the event here:

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