Funds support

When it comes to investment, ensuring that your portfolio business is operationally sound to deliver rewards is critical

Regardless of the stage of investment, whether you need someone to step in before, during or after, our experienced team is able to work closely with you to ensure that your portfolio business is forward-focused and operationally ready to support growth. CFPro can work with you throughout ensuring that the critical day-to-day is taken care of to ensure compliance, accuracy and sound corporate governance.

Our funds support services include:

Pre-investment due diligence – High-level due diligence services provided to help you assess the attractiveness of your planned investment. Services are geared towards:

    • Ensuring detailed pre-qualification analysis of the potential target;
    • Background investigation on corporate entities, including verification of business registration, account filings, stakeholder involvement and clarification of market value;
    • Analysis of key stakeholders including the board, management and finance teams, including verification of career path and credentials; and
    • Analysis of any subsidiaries as well as any potential legal issues that may arise during the transaction period.

Portfolio monitoring and support – Provision of high-quality interim management leadership and/or individuals to augment and support a finance team on an interim basis, at whatever stage of investment.