M&A support

Anyone who has been involved in mergers and acquisitions know that they can be some of the most complex transactions in the business environment

CFPro has worked on all sides of the M&A spectrum, from pre-qualifying companies for interested parties through to scouting for a potential acquisition that holds opportunity for expansion, providing the operational support required through to a successful transaction conclusion. Whether it is your first deal, or your tenth, work with a trusted business partner to minimise any breakdown in communication risking a negative outcome of the transaction.

Our services include:

  • Financial modelling – Using our years of modelling experience, CFPro brings the right expertise to deliver the best financial model whether you are looking to make an acquisition, raise capital privately or via an IPO, budget and/or forecast for the years ahead, obtain a valuation of your business, grow the business organically, and diversify or sell your business or assets.
  • Valuation – Using tested company valuation methods, CFPro supports you through your company transition, whether it be an acquisition or merger, business sale or reorganisation, or the involvement of new shareholders. We work with you and your team to review and understand the past company history and gather critical information, as well as to assess the potential of your business to gain an accurate valuation and to support you in your wider business growth strategy.
  • Due diligence – If you decide to buy or invest in a company, asset or a project, our service will help you assess the attractiveness of your planned investment. We will work with you to ensure any key risks or issues are identified and to help you understand the inherent risks in your proposed investment, and ultimately achieve a successful transaction at a sensible valuation.