Set yourself up for IPO success by leveraging our expertise and long-term experience.

Having successfully taken businesses through the IPO (Initial Public Offering) process, the experience within CFPro gives you the assurance that you will have the senior finance support necessary to guide you.

An IPO is a transformational event for any business, and you need to be ready to deal with the additional demands and scrutiny that being a public company brings.  Executing an IPO is challenging and key to its success is ensuring that you are fully prepared and have sufficient time and resource to dedicate to managing the process, as well as operating the business as usual.

The key to a successful IPO is preparation. Once you have made the decision to go public, you need to determine how ready you are to begin the process. You will need to have a well-thought-out business plan and a compelling equity story and assess where you stand against the attributes of being a successful public company. Key areas of focus include accounting, financial reporting, corporate structure, governance, ESG, treasury, risk management, systems, tax, HR, technology, investor relations, legal and strategy.

The IPO process will require the management of multiple workstreams, and introduces additional demands on business resources, potentially preventing management from sustaining their level of focus upon the underlying business, especially the CFO and finance team.

With CFPro by your side, you will have the people and experience to help you prepare for a and execute your IPO.

Our IPO support covers:

  • Project management – CFPro can mentor and guide the CFO, finance team and Board through key milestones to meet deadlines, prepare for investor roadshows and completion of admission documents.
  • IFRS accounts conversion – with our expertise of current accounting standards, CFPro supports first time IFRS adoption and restatement of prior year accounts, including the evaluation of the IFRS financial control environment and drafting of the Financial Review and Reporting Procedures Manual.
  • Historical financial information – we can assist in the preparation of the three year IFRS financial track record to be included in the admission document.
  • Working capital modelling – we can help you build and deliver a fully integrated financial model with assumptions and sensitivities determined by you.
  • FPPP – CFPro can support in establishing procedures for the business and its group companies with controls in place covering: the financial position of the business including assets, liabilities and other financial data such as profits and losses; and the projected profitability, including reporting of cash flows and future funding requirements.
  • Corporate governance support – CFPro’s experienced team can assess the policies and procedures you currently have in place, identify those that may need to be enhanced or put in place to meet corporate governance or regulatory requirements, as well as support senior management in implementing any changes to ensure best practice. Refer to our Corporate Governance’ section for further details on CFPro’s corporate governance services.

Please take a look at our sister website for more information on the IPO Process.