Growth and scaleup support

Getting you ready for growth

We understand the structure of small and scaleup businesses and the main challenges they face. This makes us a worthy partner as we help to lay the foundations for future growth. From startup through to exit, our aim is to reduce financial strains and ease the pressures associated with growing a business.

Our services include:

  • Interim support during periods of change – Involving CFPro in a part time Finance Director role gives early stage growth and scaleup businesses access to senior finance professionals, who have the experience in these processes, and have already successfully grown a vast variety of businesses. We guide you through your cash flow and fundraising management to continue your company’s early stage growth, and help you to recognise new opportunities that will help you to grow a long-standing sustainable business.
  • Investor readiness and valuations – We can provide you with continuous advice and support during your fundraising journey to ensure you are investor ready whilst continuing to grow and scale the business. Using tested company valuation methods, CFPro can also work with you and your team to review and understand the past company history and gather critical information, as well as to assess the potential of your business to gain an accurate valuation and to support you in your wider business growth strategy.
  • Systems reviews, upgrades and integration – A successful and strong financial and operational function is key to managing key stakeholders, applying for and securing any type of funding, keeping an eye on cashflow and successfully mitigating and managing risk throughout your business. It demands integrated solutions that interface and connect with one another – keeping your entire business connected throughout – leaving you and your teams with the agility you need to handle day-to-day business operations.

When it comes to integrating financial systems into your teams, our team has extensive experience of a range of technologies and solutions that suit the demands of high growth businesses. If you need help securing a financial system that keeps you on track, and supports your growth, then our team is more than capable to help you find exactly what you need. Working as a partner within your business and enabling a more efficient, productive access to critical data and information, we provide impartial and relevant advice to help you:

  • Leverage your information accurately to ensure that it’s current, available and secure;
  • Adopt an innovative approach to keeping your entire business connected – giving you the freedom you need to remain agile, and using critical data to drive growth decisions; and
  • Uncover hidden revenue opportunities and potential risk factors that may hinder any plans for growth.