Let us help you with your Shareholder Documentation Preparation.

We know that keeping your shareholders updated on company developments is critical to retaining their support, and seeing future investment opportunities.

Because of that, we help you with all Shareholder documentation, including the creation and review of initial drafts, alterations and proof-reading.

This means that as part of our services, we are able to help you with:

  • GM and AGM documentation
  • SH01 (Return of allotment of shares)
  • SH02 (Consolidate, sub-divide, redeem shares or re-convert stock into shares)
  • RR01 (Re-register a private limited company to a public limited company)
  • Interim and end of year reports and annual returns,
  • Statement of capital following an allotment of shares
  • Key shareholder circulars, notifications, and stock exchange announcements.

Our teams have worked with private and publicly-traded businesses, large and small, we’ve worked with key shareholders and boards and consistently help businesses ensure that operationally, they have everything in place to build a strong structure for future growth.

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