Stuart Turner: Spearheading business connectivity to enable new growth

Business growth cannot happen unless there is a strategic, connected imperative to which the entire business subscribes. From company culture to company vision, connectivity is the critical enabler of good customer relationships, communication and business agility.

Business leaders are upping their game in the way they communicate with their teams, and fundamentally, their customers. In an environment where the new normal is having a workforce that stretches to throughout the country, let alone the world, and customers who demand above-average service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, being connected is no longer simply a communications matter; it has become the essential glue that enables productivity and drives customer delight.

Having worked very closely with a number of high profile organisations, CFPro’s Stuart Turner understands the importance of being connected across an organisation, and, more importantly, having access to accurate and reliable data regardless of location or structure. We look at why being connected as a business is less about communication, and more about true connectivity that leads to business growth, and how Stuart’s involvement has helped organisations do just that.

A Connected Imperative
According to the Office of National Statistics, e-commerce sales by businesses in the UK non-financial sector with 10 employees or more were £560 billion in 2017, rising sharply from £484 billion in 2016; this year-on-year increase of 16% was the largest since 2011, largely being driven by a boost in website sales of £131 billion since 2011. And looking at businesses with fewer than 10 employees, the statistics are even more eye-opening with e-commerce sales being made up of £300 billion website sales and £286 billion EDI sales. Broadband has sped up, usage has increased, and entire businesses are now being built, fundamentally, in the cloud. Being connected (in more ways that one) has become business-of-today.

Changing Course Digitally
Although the need to be truly connected may not be something that new businesses need much convincing about, when it comes to larger organisations who are now changing course towards a more digital strategy, many are being faced with more challenges than opportunity, unless they work with the right digital growth partner to help set them on the right course for growth.

Integration: Many organisations have become too reliant on outdated systems that are no longer compatible with the newer, more developed applications. As a result, data and business processes are locked into antiquated systems and upgrading to something new can result in a number of problems.

Security: Cyber crime is now more sophisticated than it has ever been before, and news about hacking and data breaches are becoming unsurprising. And yet still there are organisations who are oblivious to realising just how much at risk their IP and all their data really is simply because they do not know where those risks lie, how to upgrade to newer infrastructure, and where to go for help.

Costs: For organisations who are facing a digital crossroads, and are in desperate need to implement a better connectivity solution, the high investment can be a problem. But what many don’t know is quite often, a more connective business means making basic fundamental changes that start to position a business in the right direction. And often, that decision sits around the boardroom table, and not only on the shoulders of the CTO alone.

Supplier Management: Quite often, the driving force behind a business’ decision to become better connected is based on the need to work with and manage a supplier network better. The demands of working with a more global supplier-base, not to mention workforce, means that it is no longer good enough to simply function from a bricks-and-mortar business strategy, but one that makes your business, your product, your service, accessible any time of the day.

Optimising IT & Network Infrastructure and helping organisations digitise themselves.
Stuart is a proficient IT consultant and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, and the clients we work with. As an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Stuart works with businesses to optimise their IT and Network infrastructure and has helped businesses with anything from setting up of mail exchanges, VOIP systems, fileserver, web services through to cloud migration and more.

From spearheading a department move to Amazon Web Services (AWS) at Lexis Nexis to dramatically reduce operational costs and facilitate continuous delivery and a “devops” culture, Stuart has been helping organisations define what connectivity means to them. He has been instrumental in transforming a failing and fragmented team at Lexis Nexis who completed projects with a scattergun approach in to a cohesive and effective team with a defined infrastructure, revised risk awareness and QA principles.

In the banking sector, he has provided a Tier 1 Investment Bank (Morgan Stanley) with unique market simulation software which facilitated discussion and interaction at the CXO level in a collaborative and competitive way – with the success of the software resulting in an award and with a patent pending. He has also implemented a global $20M CRM system for Morgan Stanley which facilitated swift access to vital information, thereby improving the transparency of banker interactions.

For Anglian Water, Stuart developed an on-line query and daily billing system for their 4 million customers to facilitate improved access functions and drastically improve customer service levels.

That is why, on a world of change, CFPro is agile enough to move with it and constant enough to keep you grounded. We’re forward-thinking and focused on delivering results – yours. You learn to see results the way your stakeholders expect to see them, demonstrating a diverse set of skill, experience and leadership level. If you are ready to hear more about how we can help you to ensure that your business connectivity delivers business growth, get in touch with us today.

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