Transactional Support

At CFPro, we aim to help our partners with all their necessity’s. From IPO to Payroll we are here to support you. We offer Transactional Support, Payroll Services, ad-hoc reporting and ad-hoc projects.

Transactional Support – we understand that the potential for error in fast pace environments. Regardless of your business success if you are looking for assistance with cash flow and mitigating risk, we can aid in these areas.

Payroll Services – We ensure that your employees are paid correctly and on-time. We understand that payroll plays a vital part of a company’s accounts as it affects the role of net income. Our Payroll services are outsourced and can be trusted as we use them ourselves.

Ad-hoc Reporting – We can also provide you with ad-hoc reporting as we understand that companies may require this service outside of standard BI reporting. While BI is compiled to help decision understand company data, we can provide a specific analysis for the required report. If you need information on a particular query the team will work towards producing a report that answers the questions with the necessary data, so you can make informed decisions that contribute towards your business objectives and goals.

Ad-hoc Projects – We understand that Business develop challenges over time, this is why we aim to help our clients as much as possible. We can work on a variety of Ad-hoc Projects that take place over short or long time scales, which may require the expertise from a wide span of industry.