The company secretarial function is often an undervalued, and therefore overlooked, asset in business, as all too often the administrative effort commonly flies far beneath the radar and only proves it’s importance when crisis hits.  As a business founder, you’d appreciate the importance of doing things on time, every time, and according to the regulatory standards demanded of you, and your business. But very few businesses realise that the company secretarial function in a business is something that can, and should, be done by specialists – like us. People who keep up to speed on regulatory changes, those who look at figures and detail from a pragmatic and objective opinion and a team of people simply get the job done.

In this article, we take a deeper look at the world of Company Secretarial services and why it’s in your best interest to consider CFPro.


Compliance with law and market rules is vital. Our wealth of experience in supporting compliance and legality of your business’ actions will allow you to remove any barriers to further success. As a leader within your business, you could face serious penalties for any non-compliance or reporting errors, and so it is always in your best interest to have a fully functional and compliant business.


Shareholder document preparation is very often a laborious task – and one that most people shy away from.  Our in-depth and rigorous process allows for high quality documentation for all manner of professional businesses. Completing these documents on your own can lead to excessive time consumption, and we know that you want to be focusing on your company’s progression, not getting bogged down with paperwork. So, to make that easier for you, our process covers:

  • SH01 (Return of allotment of shares)
  • SH02 (Consolidate, sub-divide, redeem shares or re-convert stock into shares)
  • RR01 (Re-register a private limited company to a public limited company)
  • Annual Return
  • Statement of capital following an allotment of shares


Our board and company secretary service offers you the opportunity stand you in good stead to get the best outcomes from business meetings, with our specialist advisors able to assist in decisions that could impact the company positively or negatively. For businesses who are just starting out, and may not have a permanent location-base yet, we could serve as your Registered Office, and more. Our services also include:

  • Company Secretary, attending board and shareholder meetings
  • Board and committee support
  • Making sure the company meets both Statutory and regulatory compliance
  • Company Filing


Company formation and filing might seem like an easy task, but ultimately they are some important challenges which must be handled effectively when your company is moving forwards. Our service ensures professional administration procedures from company formation and onwards. We offer bespoke processes, which utilise our massive combined experience in business administration support and can help with many tasks that may be daunting for companies in their formative years. We can assist in your:

  • Company Formation (Including Certificate of Incorporation)
  • Annual Return Filing
  • Share Options
  • Changes of Directorship (Add, Remove, Change of Details)
  • Registered Office Placement & Changes


Focus on the things you’re good at, and entrust us to support you by doing  the things that we’re best at. If you’re ready to hear more about our services, give us a call.