We are often astounded by service providers who lack the ability to see a far bigger picture when offering seemingly generic financial and business support services. The types of services that appear to merely provide a means to an end, a single solution to a single issue.  Take the act of Accounts Preparation for example. 

For many businesses, knowing that they’re compliant and up to date with the law and regulatory standards gives them the peace of mind knowing that they’ve done what they need to do to keep the necessary authorities happy. For many, it’s a check point; a simple tick box of another task completed, for another year.  And for many service providers, unfortunately, it’s the same thing.

A simple transaction. We do, you pay.

But it’s anything but simple. 

Preparing the accounts for any organisation, whether  under UK GAAP, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or, for charities and academies, the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP), there’s a far bigger picture that often gets overlooked in the effort to simply get a job done.

But, in the middle of the tick-box frenetics, there’s a far bigger responsibility that we, as service providers to your business, hold.  One that has the potential to truly input into your business, expertise and insight into potential growth, a health-check view on where you are today and what you need to do to get to tomorrow and a valuable stocktake on areas in your business which require urgent turnaround or addressing. This is why, when we help our customers to prepare their accounts, more often than not we have already taken the time to build a relationship with them, we understand their vision, their drive, and we know what’s important to helping them succeed.  Our versatility and agility means that we are able to perform the tick-box tasks, but our insight and approach to the project means that we are able to deliver a far more holistic service than many of our counterparts.

Here’s why.

We work with our customers to understand how stable and profitable their business is. We help them to understand how their financial information can be used to make the right business decisions, and to lookout for insightful clues and trends that could influence their growth prospects and highlight areas in the business that may need to be reviewed. We help them understand how best to finance projects and strategies in the future and they develop the skills necessary to manage their business towards success.

For us, it’s not about a tick-box. It’s about ensuring that our client sees the success they dream of. The tick-box is a critical stepping stone to getting them there. If you’re ready to grow, and you need advice that is impartial, experienced and focussed on your growth, then isn’t it time you speak to CFPro?

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